Donald Duck Loses It

Beloved Because...

This of course is the Disney retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, and once again everything seems fairly normal at first. A kindly narrator paints the scene as we see best buddies Goofy, Donald and Mickey sharing their meager amount of food.

But Then, the Horror...

Out of nowhere, right at 1:55, somebody starts playing a Cannibal Corpse record in Donald's mind and he has an all-out Christian Bale meltdown at the dinner table:

 He also tells the narrator to shut up and then starts eating his plate and silverware.

Goofy and Mickey try to calm him down, but Donald notices an axe on the wall and, knowing they have a cow, makes the arguably sensible decision to kill it so the three of them can eat. It's worth noting that this is the Disney universe, where animals have human thoughts and emotions (not all of them comprised of 100 percent psychotic rage) so this is essentially attempted murder by a crazed cannibal.

Goofy and Mickey wrestle the axe away from him just in time for Mickey to sell the cow for some magic fucking beans. This causes Donald to leap up to the ceiling and start pulling his hair out in a white-hot psychotic fury.

It's a bit much for children, sure, but we really can't fault Disney for showing a realistic depiction of desperate insanity, because honestly, we would've killed and eaten Mickey by this point.