DC Comics To Reboot 52 Titles?

DC Comics Announcement of the Day

DC is going ahead with a mass renumbering of every DC Universe title, restarting 52 different books at issue #1. First out of the gate is Justice League #1, helmed by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. It comes out on August 31st, to coincide with the final issue of DC’s bigtime summer event, Flashpoint.

USA Today reports that the Justice League lineup will include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but there’s no mention of Martian Manhunter. The JLA — or is it just the JL now? — will also get redesigned costumes courtesy of Lee.

Although fans are sure to be divided on this reboot, there’s one bit of news that everyone (except maybe comic book retailers) can get behind: DC has also announced that it’s beat Marvel to the punch in offering digital sales of its titles on the same day they hit comic store shelves.