Boston Celtics' Von Wafer Celebrates Missed Dunk

Oh, man.

During overtime, with his team clinging to a two-point lead, Wafer threw down a wide open slam dunk and then paused out of bounds to pose crazy for the crowd. It would have been an awesome moment for him...

Except that he had actually missed the dunk.

Oh, but it gets better. Jermaine O'Neal grabbed the offensive rebound, but Wafer spun around after his posing routine and ran into O'Neal, which caused The Drain to double-dribble. So, in one possession, Wafer managed to blow a dunk, look like the world's biggest asshat, and then force his own teammate into a turnover. This could very well be the worst play of the season.

See that look on Wafer's face after realization had dawned on him? That's the look of a man who may have killed whatever was left of his NBA career with one boneheaded moment. Memo to would-be NBAers and 10-day contract wonders: Wait until your at home, alone and in front of a mirror, to celebrate yourself.