UCLA Girl Raps On Asians In The Library

Long story short, some people are horrible racists. For instance, UCLA undergrad major Alexandra Wallace. The studious poli-sci major-cum-former Model Mayhem model (archived for posterity) posted a YouTube rant chewing out her school’s “hordes of Asians” for not having “American library manners” enough to know not to phone every tsunami-affected family member while she’s deep into studying “political science theories and arguments and all that stuff.” In the middle of finals week, no less.

Get it straight, we are not countering hate with more hate. That will only fuel racism even more. When this controversy is all over, why don't you guys just hug someone of a different ethnicity and say, "We can all hate each other & we can let the our amygdala or medial prefrontal cortex do tricks on us, but let's try our best to love each other from now on."