10 Rules to Follow When Confronted by Police

These are necessary to keep in mind whenever you are confronted by a police.

Police are the enforcers of the law. They know what they can and cannot do with this power. They are good people, however if they have reason to arrest you they may not seem like that. They have many ways of tricking those of you not fully aware of your rights that they will manipulate into getting what they want or need. If you follow these 10 tips when confronted by a police officer you will be much better off.

  1. Do not talk to the arresting officer unless spoken too.

    This is very important because the officer will not release you right there. You are going to be taken into custody. The officer however can add to your list of crimes, help prosecute you, and even change a misdemeanor into a felony. By talking to them, especially in a negative way, you’re not helping yourself at all. Keep quiet.

  2. Do not run!

    This adds a charge right there. They will not be very subtle when they catch you and have reason to use an outstanding amount of force including drawing a weapon. Chances are you will not outrun the whole police department that comes after you, and even if you outrun the original officer and hide, the police dogs will get your trail.

  3. Do not give chase in car.

    You can guarantee you will be charged for every traffic violation possible if you give a high speed car chase. It can even escalate into attempted murder for simply hitting and/or ramming a police car trying to hit you. Although it may be a valid charge, it’s not worth it. Even if you’re found innocent of the reason you ran, you still have all the new charges caught on video cameras in the police cars. Your car cannot outrun that of five or six police officers.

  4. Do not resist arrest.

    Resisting will only change what may have been a minor misdemeanor into a felony for the assault on the officer. Resisting will lead you to be beaten to the ground if necessary to keep you under control. Again, it will not get you any help when the prosecutor uses the police officer in your court case.

  5. Do not look at places you may be hiding something.

    Police are trained to follow eye movements and only increases your chances of them discovering it. Look straight at the officer or down at the ground.

  6. Do not allow them to search anything.

    The fact that they are asking you means they do not have a probable cause to be searching your property therefore they cannot. Simply tell them “No you do not have consent to search my property”, and if they don’t listen any evidence gathered is thrown out in court. If you ever watch cops there are numerous times you will hear them ask and somebody will say yes and end up getting arrested because of it. If you are suspected of something they will pull you over for any little reason. They may not be pulling you over for drugs, rather a tail light. They may have suspected drugs from a house you were parked by and are fishing for you to let them in your car because they cannot go in there otherwise.

  7. If they come to your house do not let them inside.

    If they ask to come inside say, “No, you may not come in, I am fine talking here.” This like the car situation means they cannot come in, and if they do they will not be able to use evidence gathered. If they need to come in they will have to go get a warrant, as they wouldn’t be waiting to come in if they had one.

  8. Do not accept offer to go back inside.

    If you’re arrested and they offer to get you a jacket, or let you explain things to your wife say no. Once they escort you inside they have free reign and can search their hearts desire. Your car will be fine locked, and you can tough out the cold if it means a shorter jail term, or not enough evidence to convict you.

  9. Do not talk to the police about anything once arrested until you have a lawyer.

    You cannot convince them of your innocence, and may be led into a confession which is deadly in court. What you convince them of has no significance now.

  10. Do not believe them in confessions.

    They may separate you and tell you that your friend confessed and gave you up too, but in reality they are fishing. They can lie to get you to admit a crime, and it will have no significance upon the validity of the admission. You’re best off waiting for a lawyer as stated earlier.

Hopefully these tips can help you or a buddy out in the future. The police have rules just like us, and if you know their rules it is much easier to get away with things than it would be without this knowledge. For official rules you may want to check the local and state laws; however these for the most part apply to anybody.