Top 10 Most Overpowered Characters

To drown our tears from the wtfpwnage of King Onis, Shogun Battleships and Japanese school girls, this article is in dedication to the most overpowered characters in video game history.

10. Any Warlock (World of Warcraft)

I’m saying this as a guy that played a Warlock. Overpowered. Maybe they didn’t have that many uses in raids, but soloing or PVP, a well played warlock, actually even a noob warlock could kill anything. The instant cast direct damage/fear/heal all-in-one Death Coil spell is a prime example of why Warlocks are overpowered.

9. Tanya (Red Alert I)

The original overpowered Red Alert special troop, she made mince meat of infantry with her handguns, then blew up your entire base in 10 seconds with her endless supply of C4 charges. Worse still, there was nothing stopping you from building an army of her in multiplayer mode. If you had any sort of anti-air/vehicle support to go with her you’d already won.

8. Sagat (Street Fighter II)

Before the days of Shin-Akuma, Mecha-Akuma, Omega-Rugal, Evil Ryu etc. Sagat was the original bad ass mofo. I actually didn’t have many problems with M. Bison back in the day. This guy on the other hand; he was like Ryu/Ken on steroids. Sagat could fireball low and high, his reach was tremendous and his anti-air Tiger Uppercut was insane – it caught you vertically and it also traveled pretty far forward. So much for the patented jump high/sweep low combo. At least they nerfed him in all future versions of the game.

7. Magneto (Marvel Vs Capcom 2)

Okay, so Marvel Vs Capcom 2 had lots of broken characters, but Magneto takes the prize for worst of them all. The ease with which you could set up opponents for any of his (at least) FOUR infinite combos, was enough to make anyone throw the controller in disgust and start choking you.

6. Rugal (King of Fighters series)

The poster boy for SNK Boss Syndrome. I thought Sagat was bad, Rugal’s anti-air Genocide Cutter has a really long invincibility frame and hits multiple times. Add this to his dash throw and forget it. If you don’t hit him with whatever move you’re trying to do, he’ll punish you by eating half your life bar.

5. MewTwo (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)

Back before Dark and Steel Pokemon were around to be the paper to pyschic’s rock, Legendary Psychic Pokemon Mewtwo, swept everything. On top of having no weaknesses, Mewtwo’s starting stats were higher than any other Pokemon around. His moveset included gems like Amnesia that let him buff his special atk stat for even more carnage. If Pokemon is glorified rock-paper-scissors, Mewtwo was like rolling in with a handgun.

4. Lu-Bu (Dynasty Warriors)

It’s…It’s Lu Bu! *dies* Lu Bu is always found in the early stages of the game when your character is weaksauce, just to rub in his overpoweredness even more. He slices through all your supporting infantry with ease, swinging a huge halberd above his head as if it were a mere toy. On top of that, he apparently gets pissed off really easily. In most games whenever the player gets his life down by about 25%, he fully heals and becomes ‘enraged’ doubling his attack power. Once the player unlocks him, the game is automatically set to very easy mode. Walk into the enemy base, one against a few hundred, and square – square – triangle your way to victory.

3. Mr. Dream (Punch Out)

This game was fun until you got to Mike Tyson Mr. Dream. I’m sure he had other attacks and punches, but all I remember was being one punch knocked out with his uppercut. ALL THE TIME.

2. Cidolfas "Thunder God Cid" Orlandu (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Final Fantasy Tactics was actually pretty hard until you get Cid in your party. After that it’s trivial. No need to go level him up or find some nice gear for him. His starting sword is freaking Excalibur! It has a built in auto-haste effect and does tons of damage. His skillset includes moves that deal massive damage AND heal him at the same time. Feels like you accidentally worked out some button combination cheat code and were granted this beast of a character.

1. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Thought his FFVII form was hard? He wasn’t even trying in that. In a series full of overpowered bosses, this guy makes them all look like noobs. First of all, he has about 10 life bars, compared to your ….1. His first form, he just walks around and swipes at you with that huge oversized katana of his, because that’s how much of a badass he is. When you piss him off by knocking off 2 of his life bars (already quite a challenge), he starts using a move called "Descend Heartless Angel", which will one shot you if you don’t evade it (again pretty hard). After that, he goes into his ultimate form where he starts dropping meteors on you. Give up now.

Honorable Mention – Oddjob (Goldeneye)

Damn that midget was hax. I always picked Jaws which just made things worse.

Source: Top Ten Most Overpowered Characters, Game Axis, 21 August 2008