Star Wars: The Essential Atlas

With the one-year publishing anniversary of Star Wars: The Essential Atlas approaching, the official site has posted an all-new, completely updated appendix of known star systems.

The online appendix supplements the printed appendix in the book and is designed for constant updating so your copy of the book never really goes out of date.
This time, the online appendix is a printable, downloadable pdf.

Many of the latest additions are from new books, games, and TV episodes, while others were discovered by Jason and I in out-of-the-way places (such as spotting Tzarib on a newspaper comic strip Sunday page that had never been reprinted). But a fair number of these are from readers who contacted us at to correct an oversight. Our aim is to make this the definitive list, so please drop us a line if you've spotted a way you can help make it better.

Here's a full list of the new additions:

Alagon, Aldin, Alis Point, Altiria/Anarris, Angrallia, Apgar, Ardroxia, Ashash, Avenel, Axtria
Baarstul, Belukat, Bentora, Betal, Bofa, Boriin, Bretta, Bulano
Cadannia, Calabosh, Cel Amiin, Celen, Cheravh, Coth Fuuras, Credaan, Cuthbern
Daimla, Dalonia, Damualer Triac, Deluvia, Dentamma Nebula, Deretta, Desolation Station, Dimea, Dix'thaar, Doan, Drada, Draflago, Durace, Durgeon
Endelaan, Ethrani, Explume Minor
Fakir, Fhost, Fislan, Fitomp, Flyntaria, Forntay, Fradian
Galltine, Gam Tim'nisi, Gandrun, Ganzik, Gaxxa, Giaca, Gibad, Gom, Grandeel, Griwstrick, Guuko
Harko Station, Hassaria, Hexus, Hilak, Hoogon, Hrill, Hysalria
Ichalin Station, Idolia, Imberlin, Iol
Japai, Jedd, Jostaar, Julio, Jurzuu
Katchan, Kedra, Kenosha, Kholes, Kolos, Korfanus, Krenhner, Kurdavvia, Kynachi
Laman, Lanjer, Loped
Magar's World, Makatak, Malata, Maltorian, Maltorra, Marcol Void, Mazhar, Meglumine, Meserian, Mezeg, Mil Velay, Minntaa, Miro, Moobia, Moravia, Mordis, Mugg Fallow, Muntuur
Nadhe, Neary, Neoli, New Ralltiir, Novar, Novoil Cluster, Nyriaan
O'reen, Olanji, Onatos, Ondara, Oordo, Orranana
P'frorin, Paradise Station, Partold, Penga, Peroenia, Persappa, Phr'sha, Pzandias
Relarr, Remmon Nebula, Resilon, Rial Kroon, Rindoon
Salgarus, Samarine, Sandonia, Sarnikken, Sarpazia, Sarrassia, Seltaya Major, Shor, Simocadia, Sinjan, Siola, Speco, Stratos Distribution
Tallek, Taloron, Tamra, Taratos, Taria, Tarivo, Tarkenia, Taronda, Tay'ah'loo, Teagan, Tebru, Thaylia, Thorsgild, Thrynka, Thuna, Truuzdann, Tshindral, Tulpaa, Tureen, Tzarib
Valahari, Veil Nebula, Veroleem, Viga, Volik, Vorkaa, Vrosynri, Vulcusion
Yaled, Yhuli, Yoggoy

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