Remembering Drazen Petrovic

Drazen Petrovic... Hearing that name really takes me back to the days of when I fell in love with the game of Basketball (The Jordan Years). At that time, Drazen Petrovic had just came into the League, and he was immediately the European Assassin, a cold blooded baller who could literally score on anybody at anytime. Everyone in the League from MJ to Magic to Reggie respected his game. Even kids like me knew who he was, and wanted his Basketball card. I even somehow remember the day I finally got his card. I was at a local baseball card/ comic book store, and when I got the card, me and all my friends went crazy. The League and it's fans were falling in love with Drazen at that time, especially after the show he put against the Dream Team in the Olympics. If it wasn't for his unfortunate death, I really do believe we would be talking about Drazen Petrovic as one of the best NBA players of all time. Man, Drazen Petrovic...

My post here actually stems from what I heard Reggie Miller say recently after a Lakers Spurs game. Miller's comments brought back fond memories of Petrovic, and his smooth j. Reggie said that the only shooter that had a smoother j than himself, was Drazen Petrovic. Right when I heard that name, it sent chills up my spine.

I think people, including myself, sometimes forget just how cold Drazen's game was. I typed in his name on YouTube, and found a great video for everyone to see. It is just seven minutes long, and I guarantee you that after you watch this video, you will see why I posted it, and you will see how good of a ball player Drazen was. The video itself pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Drazen, it's great. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, but want to hear one insane thing from the video, here it is. Drazen dropped a 112 points in a game. That's right, a 112 pts!!! He went 40 for 60 from the field, 22 for 22 from the FT Line, and 10 for 20 from three pt land. 112 pts, man those are just mind boggling numbers. Anyways, check out the video, it talks about that game, and much more...

I think another thing people forget about is that at that time, Drazen brought an entire war torn country together. With all the problems going on in Croatia back then, Drazen gave all of Croatia the joy of Basketball to alleviate their pains. After winning tons of Medals and Championships, he was like a God like figure there in his homeland. I remember the entire city mourned when he passed, it was really sad. I think when he passed, they knew they had to step away from their Basketball Fantasy World, back to the reality of War. Drazen's Death definitely affected an entire country, that's for sure.

Lastly, people need to remember that Drazen is actually the NBA baller that started the whole European invasion over to the NBA. Because of him, the NBA, GM's and teams started going to Europe to recruit players. Heck if it wasn't for him, the game might not be what it is today, we might never have seen some of the great International ballers that we have had the pleasure of seeing.

The reason I wrote this post is because I just think we need to never forget about figures like Drazen Petrovic, and what they have meant to the game of Basketball. To me, Drazen Petrovic was a great person, baller, and ambassador for the League, and he definitely needs to be remembered.