The Origins of Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd - is a fictional character originally created for the British comic 2000AD. He has no compassion, no emotion and is a relentless law administering machine.

Just The Facts

  1. Judge Dredd Never Removes His Helmet
  2. Judge Dredd Never Questions The Law
  3. Judge Dredd Rides a frickin Bad Ass Motorcycle
  4. If you make a film called 'Judge Dredd' you ignore all the above rules

The Shoulder Pads

A greater mystery than the appearance of Judge 'Joe' Dredd's upper half of his face, is the heavy duty tailoring that allows him to wear massive and unweildy shoulder pads.

These shoulder pads, sometimes called 'Unrealistic' are an unsolved paradox. Viewed from the front, an observer is forced to presume that these frankly ridiculous pieces of "armour" are attached to Dredd somewhere on his back. When viewed from the back however, an observer is then forced to assume that they are attached to his chest.

Dredd pads

Comic Artists not bothering to explain the shoulder pads

Comic artists have attempted to solve this problem through the clever use of the "if it looks cool, keep it" philosophy which was thus extended to all areas of his physiognomy, including his skin tight (yet bullet proof) body suit.

In the film, this concept was corrupted to "if it looks totally gay, include it" thus inflicting Judge Dredd with a cod piece. No, seriously, he looks like a frickin Power Ranger.

dredd clown

Ok, not a Power Ranger but a goddamn Clown

The less said about this, the better. If you like to torture yourself however, you can check out 5 Comic Book Movies That Were Worse Than Batman & Robin . It may be the film's one saving grace that Cracked considers it better than Batman & Robin.

The Lawgiver

In this dystopian future, the Judges are The Law. To help them complete their role of arbiters of Justice, the Mega City One Justice Department issues every Judge with a small pocket sized book to guide them through the often complex matrix of legal issues they are faced with everyday.

This book has no words or pages, but has the appearance and functionality of a hand gun, known fondly as a Lawgiver. Its primary function is to kill unlawful citizens, although on occassion it can be used to dismember them using a wide variety of ammunition such as high explosive, ricochet, incendary or any other type needed by the writer in order to resolve a situation (for more 'amazing' weapons, check out 11 Most Retarded Fictional Weapons).

The Lawgiver has the equivalent magazine capacity of twelve Black Hawks, or two John Woo heroes.

It is important to note however, that Judge Dredd is more than capable of defending himself without his Lawgiver. There have been many occassions where Dredd has had to improvise. This is exemplified below in what is possibly the greatest comic panel of all time:

dredd fist

Context: Dredd was suppossed to die in the previous panal