Incredible Feats of the Hulk

The Hulk resists the High Evolutionary's blast

Occurence: The Avengers Annual #17

The Hulk is helping the Avengers try and take down the High Evolutionary. During the battle, the High Evolutionary hits the Hulk with a plasmatic beam to render the Hulk into component electrical charges. The beam barely scratches the Hulk. The High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary is amazed that the Hulk's anger has made the Hulk practically impervious.

The Hulk withstands a Gamma Bomb Blast

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #144

The Hulk escapes from Dr. Doom's castle and takes a gamma bomb with him that Dr. Doom was going to use on Latveria. Dr. Doom detonates the bomb while the Hulk has it strapped to his back and the Hulk survives the blast.

The Hulk withstands a Gamma Bomb Blast II

Occurence: Tales To Astonish #62

The Chameleon sneaks onto Gamma Base and steals a small gamma bomb designed by Bruce. Before he can escape with the bomb, he is chased by the Hulk and when he realizes that he will not be able to escape, he ignites the bomb and throws it at the Hulk. To save all the people on the base, the Hulk jumps on top of the bomb and takes the full blast and survives.

The Hulk withstands the Human Torch Going Super Nova

Occurence: Fantastic Four #534

A small gamma bomb goes off in the Hulk's face, causing the Hulk to loose control. The Thing and Human Torch try to stop the Hulk's rampage but are not strong enough to stop him. As a final attempt, the Human Torch goes super nova and the Hulk just walks away from it, with little effect.

The Hulk survives re-entry back to Earth

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #254

After nearly leaping into orbit, the Hulk first survives the deep cold and lack of oxygen of space and then survives the intense heat of re-entry back to planet Earth.

The Hulk Is Not Affected By Karnak's Blow

Occurence: Inhumans #12

The Inhuman Karnak has the ability to find the weakest point on a person and strike there. While fighting the Hulk, Karnak concentrates and finds the Hulk's "weakest" point, which is in the center of his chest. He punches there with all his superhuman strength and usually this would take out his foe. The Hulk just stands there and doesn't even move, not even affected by the blow. Therefore you can conclude that the Hulk doesn't have a weak point at all.

The Hulk Survives 50,000 Volts of Electricity

Occurence: The Comet Man #3

After fighting Comet Man, the Hulk starts to calm down and transform back into Bruce Banner. In mid-transformation, a SHIELD Mandroid sneaks up behind Bruce and shoots 50,000 volts of electricity through Bruce-Hulk' head and he survives.

The Hulk survives touching Blip

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk Annual #5

The Hulk is repeatedly attacked by various monsters, including Blip, a creature composed of billions of megavoltz of electricity. The Hulk punches his fist into Blip and gets electrocuted but survives to defeat him.

The Hulk Survives a Blast from Havok

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #391

The Hulk goes one-on-one with the mutant Havok, who is as has been said many times is the most powerful mutant there is. Havok absorbs the Hulk's gamma radiation, weakening the Hulk, and then fires a huge blast at him. The Hulk survives the blast while Havok is knocked unconscious.

The Hulk Can Not be Absorbed by Zzzax

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #183

Zzzax is accidently freed again by scientists and he gains power by absorbing people and their minds with his electricity. The Hulk fights him and Zzzax tries to absorb the Hulk but realizes he can not do it.

The Hulk Survives Man-Thing's Touch

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #428

While in a swamp, the Merged Hulk is going through a mental crisis, actually causing the Hulk to temporarily be afraid. The Man-Thing senses the fear and touches the Hulk and whoever knows fear, burns at the touch of the Man-Thing. Normally a person would just go up in flames immediately and die but the Hulk just has a slight burn on top of his head and nothing else.

The Hulk Survives A Nuclear Bomb

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #440

The Hulk sets himself up as a guinea pig for some terrorists attacks and gets into a fight with Thor in the Artic. The government fires a nuclear bomb to take the Hulk out. The Hulk had planned on this happening and was going to go to a Panteon secret stronghold but the nuke came early and the Hulk was directly hit but still survived.

The Hulk Survives Fin Fang Foom's Fire

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #79

The Hulk is on an island where Nightmare is manipulating reality and turning Mindless Ones into other creatures, one of those being Fin Fang Foom. The dragon tries to convince the Hulk that he will rule the planet and that the Hulk should kneel before him. The Hulk doesn't budge so Foom breathes his fire on him and it barely singes the Hulk. Foom is amazed at this fact.

The Hulk jumps a thousand miles in one leap

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #33

The Hulk is tricked into thinking he needs to help some people by Queen Divine Justice. They have to get there quick so the Hulk grabs Queen and starts jumping with her. He was jumping hundreds of miles in a leap and eventually got to the point where he jumped one thousand miles in one jump.

The Hulk nearly leaps into orbit

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #254

The Hulk questions the stars why he can't have friends and when he doesn't answer them, he decides to go to them. He makes a couple attempts and leaps so high that he almost leaps into orbit.

The Hulk resists Selene's telepathy

Occurence: Marvel Comics Presents # 78

The mutant Selene, who alone has taken on the X-Men, is out for a walk on the town when she stumbles across the Hulk sitting at a bar. She tells him that she has selected him to be her consort. He tells her that he is not interested. After trying to seduce him failes also, she uses her power telepathic powers to try to gain control of him. The Hulk just gets up and tells her again that he is not interested.

A dying Hulk resists the Leader's mind blasts

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #367

After being poisened by Madman and near dying, the Leader captures the Hulk. The Hulk holds up the Leader against the wall and the Leader fights back with his mind blasts but even in his severely weakened state, he is able to resists the blasts.

The Hulk resists Comet Man's "pitch thought"

Occurence: Comet Man # 3

The Hulk comes across Comet Man and the two accidently get into a fight. Comet Man tries to calm him down by using his "pitch thought" ability but the sheer anger of the Hulk causes feedback back in his brain and pain.

The Hulk resists Psyklop's hypnotic powers

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #203

The Hulk was initially under the hypnotic control of Psyklop by the K'ai sorcerers break the spell. The Hulk is now so angry that the Psyklop's hypnotic power now has no effect on him.

Hulk breaks free from Hydra's will-draining collar

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #132

The Hulk is captured by Hydra and they use a special collar which drains his will power. Upon seeing Jim Wilson threatened by Hydra, the Hulk gets angry and is able to break free from the collar.

Hulk Breaks the Leader's Illusion

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #345

The Hulk and Leader are fighting when the Leader creates an illusion in the Hulk's head in which he has grown to a huge size and is stepping on the Hulk, crushing him. The Hulk tries to fight back and then realizes that it can not possibly be real and refuses to believe it, breaking the illusion.

The Hulk Breaks Goom's Will

Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual #5

The Hulk is fighting the classic creature Goom who uses his Molecular Condenser Beams to shrink the Hulk to the size of a mouse. Goom's unbreakable mental will power is what keeps a person small once Goom uses his beams. The Hulk's will power overcomes Goom's powers and the Hulk grows back to normal size, much to Goom's surprise.

The Hulk Breaks Free From Mentallo's Control

Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual #404

The Red Skull amplifies Mentallo's powers and is able to take over control of the Hulk's mind by projecting images of Bruce's father. Even so, the Hulk's mind eventually realizes it is all fake and is able to break free from Mentallo's control, causing a huge psychic backlash.

The Hulk Breaks the Will of an Entire Town

Occurence: Avengers #40 (Vol 3)

A whole town of people are changed into Hulk-like creatures and fight the Avengers. During the battle, all the Hulk-creatures merge and form one gigantic Hulk-creature. The Avengers get the Hulk for help who allows himself to merge with the Hulk-creature. The Hulk's mind and will are so strong that he overpowers the collective minds of the entire town and forces the gigantic Hulk-creature to break back apart.

The Hulk Resists the Ringmaster

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #217

The Hulk is trying to save some circus freaks under the control of the Ringmaster when the Ringmaster uses his hat to try to hypnotize the Hulk. The Hulk is so full of rage that the Ringmaster's hat absolutely no effect on him.

Hulk's Clap Compared to a Hurricane

Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual #5

The Hulk is fighting Diablo, a creature made of smoke. He realizes the only way to stop him is to clap his hands. He claps his hands a couple times and on the last time, he blows away Diablo and everything else at ground level as his clap is said to be more powerful than the fiercest hurricane in history.

The Hulk sends soldiers and weapons flying

Occurence: Tales to Astonish #65

Bruce is captured by Communists and eventually turns into the Hulk and fights them. During the battle, he claps his hands together and sends the soldiers, weapons, and machines flying through a wall like they were buckshot.

Hulk's Clap Compared to Sonic Boom

Occurence: Hulk Annual 1998

While fighting Attuma along side the Sub-Mariner in the underwater city of Atlantis, the Hulk claps his hands. His clap is compared to a sonic boom in the air and underwater, it is even more powerful.

Hulk's Clap Buries Captain Marvel

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #246

The Hulk is trying to get to the body of the deceased Jarella when he gets into a battle with Captain Marvel and Glenn Talbot in a Mandroid suit. He slams his hands together and sends out a shockwave, causing the ceiling to cave in on them.

Hulk's Clap is Compared to a Sonic Boom II

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #4

The Hulk is surrounded by some people trying to capture him and he claps his hands together, knocking them out instantly. His clap is compared to a sonic boom.

Hulk's Clap Knocks Back Avengers

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #404

The Hulk is surrounded by some people trying to capture him and he claps his hands together, knocking them out instantly. His clap is compared to a sonic boom.

The Hulk's Clap Snuffs Out the Torch's Flame

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #300

When Bruce Banner voluntarily retreats into his mind, letting the Hulk free to roam the city, unleashed. When he starts to destroy the city, all the heroes try to stop him. The Hulk claps his hands together and blows out the Torch's flame and also knocks him unconscious.

Hulk's Clap Almost Lethal to Wolverine

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #340

The Hulk claps his hands while in a battle with Wolverine. To a normal person, the clap is devastating, but Wolverine has highly sensitive hearing and a clap like the Hulk's is almost lethal to him.

The Hulk can see astral projections

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #370

The Hulk and Sub-Mariner are at Doctor Strange's house and the Hulk asks Subby about Dr. Strange laying on the floor but Subby doesn't see him. That's when the Hulk realizes that it is actually the astral form of Dr. Strange and that only he can see him when he is in astral form. It was theorized before that the Hulk gave himself the ability to see all astral forms so that he could see his dead father if he ever came back in spirit form.

Bruce Banner Can See Astral Projections

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #82

Even though it has been shown many times that the Hulk can see astral projections, this is the first time it was shown that Bruce Banner has the same ability. Here he is seeing the astral projection of a sorceres who was murdered and Bruce/Hulk are helping her find her killer.

The Hulk has an Enhanced Sense of Direction

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #445

The Hulk joins up with the Avengers to try and defeat Onslaught. The Hulk decides to do a pre-emptive attack by tunneling underground to Onslaught's base. Without having anything to lead him, the Hulk instinctively knows what direction to dig to reach Onslaught.

The Hulk Senses the Vision Above Him

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #128

The Hulk is walking through an underground tunnel while the Avengers are above ground looking for him. The Vision phases underground to see if he can find the Hulk. The Hulk looks up to the ceiling of the tunnel and senses that there is danger above him coming down towards him before he even sees the Vision.

The Hulk Perceives Mystical Properties

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #308

The Hulk is being attacked on a planet overrun by N'garai demons and knowing he can not win, he runs back to the portal back to the Crossroads with the N'garai following him. The Hulk somehow understands the mystical nature of the chains blocking the portal and that he can fuse the mystical chains back together through his will, blocking the N'garai from escaping.

Hulk's skin is flayed off and heals back within minutes

Occurence: Incredible Hulk # 398

During a fight with the U-foes, Vector uses his powers to literally flay all of the skin and muscle off the Hulk's body. After knocking Vector out, the Hulk sits still for a minute and allows his body to heal all the muscle and skin back.

Leader comments how quickly the Hulk healed

Occurence: Tales to Astonish #73

We all know Wolverine heals quickly but way before Wolverine even existed, there was the Hulk. In fact in 1965, the Leader performed surgery on the Hulk and was amazed at how quickly he recovered and healed.

The Hulk is immune to all diseases

Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual #14/Incredible Hulk #388

The Hulk is captured by scientists who are interested in getting a sample of the Hulk's blood. The scientists doesn't bother to sterilize the needle since, as he notes, no microbe on earth that can live for more than one microsecond in the Hulk's bloodstream./ The Hulk's old sidekick Jim Wilson is seriously hurt and in need of medical help. Rick Jones is cautious because Jim has AIDS. The Hulk grabs Jim and mentions that he is immune to AIDS.

The Hulk is eaten by bugs and heals back within minutes

Occurence: Incredible Hulk :The End

Out in the far future, the Hulk/Bruce Banner is the only human left alive on the planet. A mutated form of cockroaches follow the Hulk around and attack him, eating his flesh. After one such atteck in which most of the Hulk's body and insides are eaten, Bruce watches a replay and tracks the amount of time it takes for the Hulk to heal back together completely. It only takes eleven minutes.

Hulk heals from a broken neck

Occurence: Incredible Hulk :Furture Imperfect #2

The Hulk is brought to an alternative future to help defeat an evil version of himself, named the Maestro. During the first battle between the Hulk and Maestro, the Maestro comes up behind the Hulk and breaks his neck. The Hulk heals back completely within a few days.

The Hulk Heals Over His Own Hand

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #430

Speedfreek uses his blades to disembowel the Hulk during a battle. The Hulk holds his guts inside with his hand while his healing factor works. He heals so quickly in fact that his skin heals right over his hand and he has to pull it out.

The Hulk Heals from Berserk Wolverine Attack

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #340

Wolverine and the Hulk are fighting and the Hulk eventually pushes Wolverine over the edge and he goes into berserk mode. Wolverine wildly attacks the Hulk, gutting him over and over again. He finally stops when he is sure that nothing could have survived what he did to them. Wolverine starts to walk away when the Hulk slowly gets up, already healing from the extreme wound.

The Hulk destroys an asteroid 2 times the size of the Earth

Occurrence: Marvel Comics Presents # 52

Three young aliens are playing a game in outer space and knock an asteroid twice the size of Earth into a collision path with it. The Hulk, with the help of a anti-magnetic jet pack, launches into space and destroys the asteroid with a single punch.

The Hulk holds up a 150 billion ton mountain

Occurence: Secret Wars #4

In the Secret Wars, the Beyonder takes a number of villains and heroes from Earth and put them on a planet to fight. During one of the early battles, a 150 billion ton mountain is dropped on the heroes and the Hulk is able to hold up the entire mountain by himself until they figure out how to get out.

The Hulk cracks Onslaught's armor

Occurence: Onslaught: Marvel #1

The combined might of the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four could not even put a scratch in Onslaught's armor. The Hulk asks for a chance and also asks Jean Grey to "turn off" Bruce Banner, bringing out the Savage Hulk. Onslaught and the Hulk fight and Onslaught holds the Hulk down on the ground. The Hulk gets extremely mad and with one punch, cracks Onslaught's armor.

The Leader can not measure the Hulk's strength

Occurence: Tales to Astonish #73

Before sending the Hulk off to the Watcher's planet, the Leader tests the Hulk's strength. He doesn't have any equipment that can even come close to measuring the Hulk's strength. He also uses electrodes, freezing temperature, and high velocity, all to no effect.

Doc Samson can find no limit to the Hulk's strength

Occurence: Incredible Hulk #228

Doc Samson is using advanced military equipment to measure the Hulk's strength and finds that he can not determine the limit to the Hulk's strength. The Hulk destroys the equipment shortly thereafter.

The Hulk defeats Gladiator

Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual 1997

Gladiator, Marvel's basic equivalent to Superman, is unbeatable as long as he has his confidence. In the annual, a villain from outer space has disguised himself as the newly discovered son of Bruce Banner. When Gladiator comes to get him, the Hulk, not knowing the boy is an alien, fights Gladiator. The two fight hard against each other until Gladiator uses eye beams and blows a hole in the Hulk's chest, all the way to his heart. With the beams still hitting him, the Hulk walks up to Gladiator and blocks the beams, causing Gladiator to get feedback and collapse. The Hulk throws Gladiator into a nuclear plant, causing him even more pain. He then continuest o beat Gladiator up with no resistance.

The Hulk defeats a Dog o' War

Occurence: Incredible Hulk :Furture Imperfect #1

To help keep resistance down in an alternative future, the Maestro has created mechanical dogs called Dogs o' War whose jaws can crush adamantinum( the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe) in 7.3 seconds. The Hulk battles one and the dog gets the Hulk's head in it's jaws and is not even able to pierce the Hulk's skin before being defeated.

The Hulk breaks Doom's Force Field

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #144

The Hulk is fighting Dr. Doom and Doom encases the Hulk is a force field which he says is so strong that nothing in the universe can shatter it. Needless to say, the Hulk then proceeds to break out of the force field.

The Hulk breaks through Blastdoors.

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #410

The Hulk breaks into a prison to rescue an old friend. To prevent him from reaching her, the people running the prison close door able to withstand a nuclear strike. The Hulk takes it out with a punch.
The Hulk Shakes the Rocky Mountains

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk Annual #8

Sasquatch forces Bruce to turn into the Hulk so that he can test himself against him. During the battle, the Hulk strikes the ground with enough force to shake the Rocky Mountains.

The Hulk catches Iron Fist's Punch

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #300

When Bruce Banner voluntarily retreats into his mind, letting the Hulk free to roam the city, unleashed. When he starts to destroy the city, all the heroes try to stop him. Iron Fist summons his Iron Fist, which has superhuman strength, and tries to punch the Hulk. The Hulk just puts his hand out and catches the fist without moving and forces the power back at Iron Fist.

The Hulk Overcomes the Leaders Kinetic Gloves

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #225

The Leader is wearing a pair of kinetic gloves against the Hulk which basically reflect the person's strength right back at them so they should never be able to defeat the glove. The Hulk exerts with all his strength and after about three minutes, his strength increases so much, he is able to overcome the gloves, much to the amazement of the Leader.

The Hulk Stops an Earthquake

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #202

The Hulk visits Jarella's planet just as an earthquake is occuring. The Hulk uses his strength and actually stops the earthquake and pulls the land back together.

The Hulk Stops a Planet from Ripping Apart

Occurence: The Incredible Hulk #102

The Hulk is in a heavy battle with the Red King on the planet Sakaar and when the Red King senses he is going to lose, he triggers a mechanism which causes the planet's plates to start to rip apart. The Hulk jumps down into the hole with the lava where the main split is and by sheer strength alone, pulls the plates back together and prevents the planet from ripping apart.