Hulk Incest?

I should explain this. Quickly.

The Incredible Hulk Annual #24 is an interesting little comic. For one thing, it has the Scarlet Witch leading the Avengers, which I was never aware she did. She even seems quite good at it, but that's a minor aside. What it mostly features is the Avengers trying to stop the Hulk from destroying random property. It's fairly dime-a-dozen stuff; the Avengers try to calm him down, it fails, he beats them silly, all the while ignoring proper grammar. This happens every other Friday in the Marvel Universe. Things start to get weird, however, when we learn about the reason for his rampage.

Yes. The Hulk wants to mate. This alone would be reason enough for every woman on the continent to go into hiding or look into sex-change operations, but this tale has a unique twist on top of its already-unique twist: the Hulk wants to mate with She-Hulk. For those not familiar with Marvel history (Philistines!) She-Hulk is Jennifer Walter. Her cousin is Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is the Hulk. Ergo...

Now, I'll be fair – this is weird, but not quite as weird as you might be thinking. First and foremost, the comic puts forth the idea that the Savage Hulk doesn't even realize that he's Bruce Banner, or that he's even human – he thinks of himself as a completely different species, and since She-Hulk is the only other of his 'kind', she's prime mating material. Can't say I agree with that interpretation of the Hulk, but I get it. When Jennifer is talking the Hulk down, she mentions how awkward the whole cousin thing is. One can understand where they're going with all this.

Emo in 3..2..1!

But. Still. It is a story where the Hulk tries to mate with his cousin. How do you even go about greenlighting that? The comic itself is mediocre, but the premise is just...well, it's not exactly what you expect when you pick up a Hulk comic, now is it? It's weird and it's unnecessary.