Fictional T-Rex vs Actual T-Rex...?

Jurassic Park brought dinosaur mania back so hard that it hasn't completely dissipated 17 years later. And of course we know the T-Rex was made of rubber and enhanced with some CGI. We're not here to tell you that it was in fact full of Chinese orphans or anything.

No, we're going to look at what a T-Rex would actually look like if we brought one back using the miracle of genetic cloning.

Uh ... what the shit is that?

That, friends, is a rendering by illustrator Sammy Hall, created after scientists in 2004 published a report on how the T-Rex probably had feathers (at least, the ones that lived in cooler climates). Yeah, so imagine the famous jeep chase scene, only it's this in the rear view:

"Eeep! Eeep!"

If it makes you feel better, I can't find any scientific support for its colorings being that, uh, fabulous. For instance, Wikipedia thinks it merely looked like this:

Of course, they didn't know any of this when they shot the movie -- that's something we just found out over time. Time sort of ruins everything.