Difference Between American and British Basketball

There are five distinct differences between American and British basketball:
  1. The philosophy and politics on the way to the games, which gives new meaning to the word student-athlete. The gyms were pretty humble and some of the rims were in such poor condition that they didn't allow dunking because it could bring down the backboard.
  2. For an American it seemed like they called fouls for everything, especially around the hoop. The game is much less physical here, it was difficult to adjust. They have different penalties like technical fouls for flops.
  3. The refs don't take much criticism here, and I learned the hard way by earning my first technical foul.
  4. British diction on the court was often unusual and funny. For example, when you miss a shot, your teammates say "Unlucky mate, unlucky."
  5. They also call games matches.

Your standard British basketball rim and backboard for regular matches. Darryl Dawkins would have had a field day.