Gay Hipster Fight!

Shocking video shows a fight between "gay hipster" Latino and white men outside a nightclub on the streets of Los Angeles--and witnesses say it echoed something out of the musical "West Side Story."

It's unclear what initiated the fight, but around 12 people--including one woman--break off into teams that saw up to three men attacking one. Amused witnesses recorded the opposing groups kicking, punching and slapping each other in a nearly minute-long brawl.

A man wearing a kilt is seen running in the middle of the two groups, begging for them to "stop," but gets beaten when his back is turned. His friend wearing a fedora and fur coat steps in to protect him from more blows.

Some horrified witnesses are overheard telling the men to stop. And as the fighting begins to slow down, someone yells a racist jab: "you better get going, bitch. I'm calling the immigration police."

The person behind the camera comments that the fisticuffs paralleled West Side Story--a musical that examined racial tension and doomed love among rival gangs of Irish-Americans and Puerto Rican migrants in New York's Upper West Side during the 1950s. "This is West Side Story...doo-doo-do-do-doo, do-do-do-do-do-doo" he's overheard saying to a friend. "I love how nonchalant we are," he added. His companion responds: "It's the Latino gays vs. the white gays." They both laugh.

Moments later, two large bouncers disperse the groups and send them marching home.

No police report was filed.