11 of the Most Unusual Themed Bars & Nightclubs Worldwide

Around the globe, party-goers can find some bizarre yet cool places to have a drink. Here are some of the strangest yet most unique places to drink, dance, and tie one on from around the world.

1. Sunland Baobab (Limpopo, South Africa)

You don’t see bars like this everyday. In fact, unless you go to Limpopo, South Africa, you may never visit such a pub. This amazing bar is inside the hollow 155 ft circumference trunk of a 72 ft tall Baobab tree. This tree is over 6,000 years old, but Baobabs naturally hollow out after a 1,000 years. The owners found remains of a Bushmen bed made from rocks, possibly built in the 1700s. 54 people once squashed into the Baobab bar, but it’s not recommended. The Baobab Bar is located on Sunland Farm, yet it’s doubtful you could miss the massive tree. It’s so wide, it took 40 adults with outstretched arms to encircle it. The theme is somewhere between get-away-from-it-all to this-is-damn-cool.

2. Guacara Taina a.k.a. The Cave (Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic)

If the bar inside a hollowed out tree was not the oldest on the globe, then perhaps this Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, cave bar is. Guacara Taina (The Cave) theme is caveman-like only much more cool. 60 feet below the earth’s surface, as many as 3,000 club-goers drink and dance on three different floors among natural stalagmites and stalactites. If you need to catch a breather, there is seating in subterranean club. Light shows and ancient yet natural-made acoustics within the limestone cave will make Guacara Taina a nightclub you will never forget…providing you don’t drink so much that you pass out underground.

3. The Soggy Dollar (St. Thomas)

On the pristine white beaches of White Bay beach, The Soggy Dollar Bar is a must-see. From St. Thomas, you can take a boat or swim, either way, there is no dock. You will get wet. Soggy Dollar Bar got its name from all the people swimming to shore and paying for drinks with sopping-wet dollars. Try the infamous Painkiller cocktail. Catch some sun, kick back in a hammock, or stroll on the beach that is “white sugar” soft, or swim in the stunning turquoise sea. The theme is something like Gilligan’s Island-meets-paradise.

4. Route 36 Cocaine Bar (La Paz, Bolivia)

Coke-out speedathon is the euphoric theme of this bar where some backpackers stay for days. Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia, is the world’s first cocaine bar. Water is always on the house, but besides alcoholic beverages being served, customers can order from two types of packeted cocaine – diluted or pure. The bar is located at an altitude of about 13,123 feet or 4000 meters above sea level, but Route 36 often changes the location of their controversial club.

5. Espit Chupito (Barcelona, Spain)

Espit Chupitos in Barcelona, Spain, is anything but tame. Yes, you can order a shot here just as you could in a million other bars. But here they have over 500 types of shots and the bartenders set your shot on fire. Still too tame? The bartenders also set the bar on fire, breathe flames, and keep it a hot-themed place for fun and games. What kind you might wonder? Order the Monica Lewinski and find out, or there are plenty of other shots (chupito) involving whipped cream and sex toys.

6. Icebars

At a constant temperature of -5°C, 23°F, the theme might be Brrrr, but Absolut Icebars and other Icebars are catching on in several locations around the globe. In Barcelona, Honningsvåg, Monterrey, Mexico City, Panama City, Orlando, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Athens, Saint Tropez, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Dubai, you can come inside and have a shot. The “glasses” are made out of crystal clear ice that was harvested from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Northern Sweden.

7. Museum HR Giger Bar a.k.a. Alien Skeleton Bar (Gruyères, Switzerland)

This otherworldly environment in Gruyères, Switzerland, is the Museum HR Giger Bar. It was designed by Hans Rudi Giger who worked as a designer for the Alien movies. While inside this cavernous, skeletal structure, the theme is to make you feel like you have been transported into “the remains of a mutated future civilization.” Double arches of “alien” vertebrae crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle as well as skulls lining some of the walls. Eat, have a drink, but don’t freak out. Have fun at the Giger Skeleton Bar and Museum.

8. Club Aquarium (London, England)

Club Aquarium is themed for party-going water-lovers. Bring your bathing suit, or plan to wear something skimpy, for outrageous is the name of the game. There are four different bars as well as a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. People dress up according to the theme nights. They offer Eastern European Night, Redlight, Carwash, Adonis Cabaret and Wetyourself. This is the place to go, renowned for concerts, video shoots, fashion shows and more. It’s a great place to cop a buzz. Smoking is allowed throughout the private gardens of both Club Aquarium and Bar Aquarium.

9. La Fira (Barcelona, Spain)

If you like to drink while inside a museum, then La Fira in Barcelona, Spain, is the place to go. It has a vintage carnival feel, music cranking, drinks flowing, while every nook and cranny has antique funfair treasures. Some of the seats inside this bar are vintage bumper cars, carnival-like carousel relic seats, or swings instead of barstools. Fun house mirrors add to the distortions, the fun, the chaos if you decide to tie one on at La Fira.

10. Club Surya Eco-Bar (London, England)

The plasma screen and drink refrigerators are powered by solar electricity. Furniture is repurposed and the dance floor uses the concept of piezoelectricity, where crystals and ceramics create a charge to generate electricity. Club Surya in London is the an eco-nightclub. Theme – save the planet, brought to you by Dr. Earth and club4climate. See more in a video about Club Surya.

11. Jagermeister’s Flying Bar (Germany)

A flying bar? The theme was a fantastic but fleeting Woohoo Wee! The summer of 2009, at the German Outdoor Festival, Jägermeister pulled off this promotion. They traveled around with a flying liqueur bar, hoisted and hanging from a crane, allowing festival-goers to have drinks 164 feet above the concert. What a terrific way to see the stage, but it would be a long way down to the festival ground if you got the urge to stand up and dance.