NBA Trade Deadline Watch 2010

According to Marc Stein, Robert Sarver told Amar'e last night in closed-door meeting that Apostrophe is unlikely to be traded. Fuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuck. Excuse me while I go break something.

Deals that are still being made or finalized:
A Nate Robinson and Eddie House swap

"Unofficial but pretty certain they're done deals" Trades:
Bricks get: Knee-Mac and Sergio Rodriguez
Rockets get: Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill, Hilton Armstrong, and right to swap first-round picks with NYK in 2011 and New York's first-rounder in 2012 (per Chad Ford, Bricks' pick in 2011 is Top-1 protected; In 2012, Bricks' pick is Top-5 protected)
Kings get: Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes (and his expiring contract)

Bobcats get: Tyrus Thomas
Bulls get: Flip Murray, Acie Law and future 1st round pick

Bucks get: Primoz Brezec and Royal Ivey and a second-round draft pick
76ers get: Jodie Meeks and Francisco Elson

Bucks get: John Salmons, rights to swap first-round picks with Bulls (top-10 protected)
Chicago gets: Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander

Confirmed Trades:
Crabs get: Antawn Jamison, Bassy Telfair
Bullets get: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, rights to Emir Preldzic, 2010 first-round draft pick from Cavs and Al Thornton. (Plus they now can get out of luxury tax territory with a Big Z buyout! Atlanta Hawks to be among suitors if Ilgauskas gets bought out)
Clippers get: Drew Gooden (unknown if his weird neck beard patch thingy gets to come to LA)

Knicks get: Brian Cardinal (who apparently will be waived to make room for other trades)
Timberwolves get: "Human Victory Cigar" Darko Milicic, and cash

Blazers get: Marcus Camby
Clippers get: Travis Outlaw's injured body, Steve Blake, cash to help pay off Donald Sterling's lawsuits (To make room on the roster, the Clippers waived Ricky Davis)

Bullets get: Josh Howard, James Singleton, Quinton Ross, plus Drew Gooden (who was then traded to Clippers in another deal),
Mavericks get: Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, DeShawn Stevenson and his crazy ass tattoos.