In Defense of Wrestling And It's Involvement With The NBA

When the Big Show meets the Big (insert nickname here)

Is Mark Cuban ready for the All Star Game? OOOHHHHH YEEEAAAAAHHHHH

Before I begin, let me set the record straight - wrestling cannot be considered a sport. Well not the one that most of us are accustomed to when the word is being mentioned. Who can blame it? Over the years, Vince McMahon have successfully marketed it as "sports-entertainment", and it's really more towards the entertainment rather than the sport. In principle, it still is a sport with all the maneuvers, the athleticism and training regimen involved. However, people tend to out it as being fake since the outcomes have already been decided, the rivalries and events are scripted, and the moves and personas themselves are considered over-the-top.

But to label it as fake is too harsh of a word. I deemed it as theatrical; it is poetry in motion except it involves chairs, ladders and blood. I deemed it as an act; to be able to get the audience to suspend their disbelief for the next couple of hours every night is nothing short of amazing. Trust me, wrestling fans are the most critical as they come and they will not hesitate to tell you that you suck because they really indulge their emotions. They're not stupid either, otherwise they wouldn't bother watching the sport in the first place. Plus, you know shows like Glee and True Blood are fiction (read: fake) yet people still love watching them. Irony, perhaps?

The beauty of wrestling is that in their universe, anything seriously goes. From on-and-off rivalries, romance and challenging authorities to necrophilia, satanism and real deaths. From time to time, personalities from other sports would get themselves involve. From LeBron James and the New England Patriots watching and enjoying themselves at ringside, to Mike Tyson having a scuffle with Stone Cold Steve Austin, there are endless cameos and possibilities that have yet to be realized.

Here are some clips that interweave basketball with wrestling:

Shaq hosting WWE RAW

Shaq smacking Carlito

WCW Bash at the Beach 1998 - Karl Malone and DDP vs Dennis Rodman and Hollywood Hogan

Ted DiBiase Basketball Segment