Banker Caught Watching Online Lingerie Model On Live TV

The Australian banker caught on live TV looking at nude photos of the Victoria's Secret lingerie model Miranda Kerr is to remain in his job. A spokesman for the investment bank Macquarie, based in Sydney, announced today that it had completed an internal review and that Dave Kiely would not be sacked.

A statement read: "Macquarie and the employee apologise for any offence that may have been caused." The spokesman did not disclose whether a worldwide online petition for Kiely - backed by the supermodel herself - played any part in their decision.

Kiely's moment of fame - which has been seen worldwide thanks to YouTube - came about on Tuesday when he was sitting at his computer terminal and received an email with a racy set of pictures of Kerr taken for GQ magazine.

Unaware that one of his colleagues, Martin Lakos, was giving a live interview to Channel 7 news just behind him, Kiely began opening the attachments in full view of the TV camera. The clip now doing the rounds finishes with Kiely turning sheepishly to the camera.

A Macquarie spokesman said at the time that the bank had "strict policies in place surrounding the use of technology" and that it was launching an inquiry.

As a result, a London-based financial website, Here is the City, launched an online petition to save him. Twenty-six-year-old Kerr, who is Australian-born and happened be on a trip home when the incident blew up, informed reporters in Sydney: "I am told there is a petition to save his job, and of course I would sign it."

Meanwhile, another TV news station, Channel 10, reported an allegation that Kiely was set up. After several pages of Kerr pictures, a final email apparently read: "Turn round now".

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