In Memoriam - Fatullah Farid Abdullah

We knew it was coming. We knew you didn't have much time. Yet it still hurts us to know that you finally left us. So young, so soon. I thought we were gonna ball forever. But it was not meant to be.

One memory that stood out was how you were the only guy the wasps didn't sting, hence the short-lived nickname 'Beastmaster'. Seriously, all of us got stung more than once but not a scratch on yours. But that wasn't the only one memory that defined who you were.

You brought happiness to those who were close to you with your humor and presence. We were especially in awe about how you still go about with the happy-go-lucky attitude in life even though you were stricken with the disease. That was the news that rocked our little world of JC. How can it not be? Here we are chilling, balling and eating nasi katok and the news dropped on us like a bombshell. But you soldiered on, and that's what made us forget how much in pain you were though you masked it pretty well.

On my part, I wish I had more time to spend with you. I don't even have a picture of us together during the countless outings that we had. I wish I visited you more often when you were hospitalised, but three years of education in UK and my new-found working life took the brunt of my time. It sounded like an excuse, but I assure you it's not.

That's why I write this with a heavy heart. It tinges with regret from time to time, word by word as I'm typing up my tribute to you. I'm especially devastated to find out how you missed us JC crew and wanted to spend one last time with us, as if you knew your time had come. Unfortunately, we all came together... and you had already gone to a better place.

I guess God needs you in heaven. But that doesn't mean it won't prevent us JC from being sad over the loss of one of our boys. Rest in peace bro, it was a long time coming.

Fatullah Farid Abdullah
22 May 1988 - 28 January 2010

"At power forward, standing at 5'6..."

New Year's celebrations in Jerudong Park circa 2007


Big man with a bigger heart