The Reason Why There No Live Telecast of Brunei Barracudas' Home Games

Arnold G. Ticoalu , the head of TV for Asean Basketball League. Photo courtesy of JAMES KON.

Technical issues and high price tag are two of the main reasons for the absence of live telecasts of Brunei's Barracudas matches at home.
Arnold G Ticoalu , Head of TV of Asean Basketball League and in charge of live telecast of league matches in an exclusive interview yesterday said.
"It is more of technical issues. We can only use some of the equipment from Radio Television Brunei. If we telecast live, we have to hire crew and bring in equipment from outside, so its will be very costly.
"We were not prepared with that kind of budget but should Brunei's Barracudas get into the playoff in the early February, by that time, we can bring in the crew for the live telecast.
However, Brunei is not the only country that is without live telecast. Indonesia and Singapore too are having the same issues. Shazana Production house is working with the ABL in recording Brunei's home games.
"We need to work with the government and we need the government's support in bringing in the equipment. ESPN is ready and the Philippines is ready to take the game live."
On the development of Barracudas in Asean Basketball League, he recalled. " in the beginning , we were very lucky and at the same time surprised there is a Brunei Barracudas basketball team since basketball is not the no 1 sport in the country.
"At the start, many people were thinking the Barracudas will be in the last position of the league but surprisingly and (we are) happy to see the Barracudas at the moment almost reaching the playoff. This is thanks to the coach's and players' hard works. And the Barracudas has beaten all the teams in the league expect Singapore Slingers, which is a feat."
With the immense support of the fans and the ideal facility in Brunei, he highlighted, " I am confident that we, ABL and Barracudas can promote more."
"Next season we are targeting to increase to two more teams in the ABL, one of them is maybe Vietnam and the other one is still not to be disclosed.
"And if there were more sponsors next season, ideally we would want to have three live games each week."