The World's Hottest Politicians

Christine Kelly
Newly chosen as France's Minister for Overseas Territories, was photographed today in a bikini. The 39-year-old looks like a model out of a lads' mag... It's not fair.

Mara Carfagna
The 32-year-old is Italy's Minister for Equal Opportunities, was voted No.4 in the most stunning politicians poll and a former topless model.

Luciana Leon
She's a 30-year-old Peruvian whose flowing blonde hair and Colgate smile would raise the temperature in a debate. She's also Peru's youngest ever congresswoman.

Mercedes Araoz
The 47-year old is Peru's Minister for Trade and Tourism. Matronly, but definitely would catch many a watery Westminster eye.

Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez
A 32-year old who belongs to Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party. She also owns a strip club.

Yuri Fujikawa
The 27-year old is known in Japan for her glamour and her youthful political success. She caused a stir by posing in her bikini in a video shoot to attract tourism to Hachinohe City. Not to be confused with a porn star of the same name.

Anna-Maria Galojan
She is a 26-year old political scientist from Estonia who also likes parties and pink teddy bears.

Toireasa Ferris
The 29-year old is an Irish politician for Sinn Fein.

Eunice Olsen
The 31-year old once hosted Wheel of Fortune but is now an MP in Singapore.

Yulia Tymoshenko
The 48-year old is Ukraine's first female PM.

Vera Lischka
The 31-year old is an Austrian former Olympic swimmer and TV presenter who took up politics.

Alina Kabaeva
The 26-year old is a former gymnast for Russia but is now a politician.