List of Women Tiger Woods Has Slept With

Tiger Woods has been linked to so many women, it's hard to keep them all straight. To help you out, we put together a list (with pictures) of Tiger's mistresses!

Here's a primer on the eight women linked to the world's top golfer (with names, as of this writing), with corresponding images below...

1. Rachel Uchitel. NYC club hostess. The first mistress linked to Woods, sparking his fight with wife Elin, which led to his car crash. His emails suggest he was falling for Rachel, but now she's just worried what diseases he may have given her.

2. Jamie Grubbs. Tool Academy contestant and cocktail waitress. Had 31-month-long affair with Woods and coughed up the voicemail to prove it. Thinks we are dumb enough to believe her when she says she didn't know he was married.

3. Kalika Moquin. Club manager/promoter from Las Vegas.

4. Jamie Jungers. Very cute, but totally trashy lingerie model from Vegas. Says she spent Tiger's money on liposuction during the time they were together.

5. Mindy Lawton. Trailer park waitress from Orlando. Kind of blah. Said Woods' wife Elin was pregnant during their affair, and that Tiger hates condoms.

6. Cori Rist. Aspiring, mostly failed model. Met Woods at a Manhattan club last year. Was married herself (with a child) throughout her fling with Woods.

7. Holly Sampson. Former porn star. Says she first met Tiger at his bachelor party ... where they had sex. Spoiler alert: It wasn't the last time they did.

8. Joslyn James. Current porn star.

There you go. Now you're all up to date, and have a cheat sheet to refer back to. Until another "alleged" Tiger Woods plaything comes forward and makes this awesome composite image we made obsolete. Give it a couple of hours.

Source: The Women of Tiger Woods, The Hollywood Gossip, 10th December 2009

Doraemon's Rumoured Finale/s

Do you guys realized that it has been years since we've read Doraemon and there's no ending or finale in sight? I've managed to snooped around and dug up three current and often quoted urban legends that started spreading in late 1980s of an ending to the Doraemon series. No, I don't know how they came about nor do they have fan fictions about it. Maybe they do but it's almost 1 a.m. now and I can't be bothered to find it!

  • The first and the most optimistic ending was made public by Nobuo Sato several years ago. Doraemon's battery power ran out, and Nobita was given a choice between replacing the battery inside a frozen Doraemon, which would cause it to reset and lose all memory, or await a competent robotics technician who would be able to resurrect the cat-robot one day. Nobita swore that very day to work hard in school, graduate with honors, and become that robotics technician. He successfully resurrected Doraemon in the future as a robotics professor, became successful as an AI developer, and thus lived happily ever after, thus relieving his progeny of the financial burdens that caused Doraemon to be sent to his space-time in the first place. A dōjin manga for this ending was made by a "Tajima T Yasue" in 2005, and it sold 13,000 copies before Shogakukan halted its publication. Tajima apologized to Shogakukan in 2007 and paid an undisclosed amount of money for settlement.

  • The second, more pessimistic ending suggests that Nobita Nobi is suffering from autism and that all the characters (including Doraemon) are simply his delusion. The idea that Nobita was a sick and dying little boy who imagined the entire series on his sickbed to help him ease his pain and depression no doubt angered quite a lot of fans. Many Japanese fans staged a protest outside the headquarters of the publisher of the series after learning about this suggestion. The publisher had to issue a public statement that this is not true. (This ending actually correlates to the ending for the series St. Elsewhere, which ended in 1988.)

  • The third ending suggests that Nobita fell and hit his head on a rock. He fell into a deep coma, and eventually into a semi-vegetative state. To raise money for an operation to save Nobita, Doraemon sold all the tools and devices in his four-dimensional pocket. However, the operation failed. Doraemon sold all his tools except for one used as a last resort. He used it to enable Nobita to go wherever he wanted, whichever time or era he wished to go. In the end, the very place Nobita wanted to go was heaven.
But here's what I found out and it may be the key as to why there was never any plans for the completion of the series. Apparently when the Fujiko Fujio duo broke up in 1987, the very idea of an official ending to the series was never discussed. Since Fujiko F. died in 1996 before any decisions were reached, any "endings" of Doraemon are fan fiction. However, it is apparent from many episodes and movies where Nobita travels to the future that in the end he does marry Shizuka, leads a happy life and separates with Doraemon, although Nobita and his friends fondly remember him.

Huh. I guess that settles it. More fanciful gadgets and ludicrous storylines abound with never-ending reprints in sight *cue Doraemon theme song*

Eve - The World's Tallest Model

A US model measuring 205cm is set to feature on the cover of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly. The model — Eve — appears on the cover of the magazine’s current issue alongside a 162cm-tall Australian model.

“No other magazine has put a woman who’s nearly 7ft tall on the cover,” editor Paul Merrill said.

“We had … her bikini specially made, but it was worth it.”

Oh man... I can actually think of a particular industry she might join and start a new trend ;D

Source: World's Tallest Model Graces Mag

The World's Hottest Politicians

Christine Kelly
Newly chosen as France's Minister for Overseas Territories, was photographed today in a bikini. The 39-year-old looks like a model out of a lads' mag... It's not fair.

Mara Carfagna
The 32-year-old is Italy's Minister for Equal Opportunities, was voted No.4 in the most stunning politicians poll and a former topless model.

Luciana Leon
She's a 30-year-old Peruvian whose flowing blonde hair and Colgate smile would raise the temperature in a debate. She's also Peru's youngest ever congresswoman.

Mercedes Araoz
The 47-year old is Peru's Minister for Trade and Tourism. Matronly, but definitely would catch many a watery Westminster eye.

Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez
A 32-year old who belongs to Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party. She also owns a strip club.

Yuri Fujikawa
The 27-year old is known in Japan for her glamour and her youthful political success. She caused a stir by posing in her bikini in a video shoot to attract tourism to Hachinohe City. Not to be confused with a porn star of the same name.

Anna-Maria Galojan
She is a 26-year old political scientist from Estonia who also likes parties and pink teddy bears.

Toireasa Ferris
The 29-year old is an Irish politician for Sinn Fein.

Eunice Olsen
The 31-year old once hosted Wheel of Fortune but is now an MP in Singapore.

Yulia Tymoshenko
The 48-year old is Ukraine's first female PM.

Vera Lischka
The 31-year old is an Austrian former Olympic swimmer and TV presenter who took up politics.

Alina Kabaeva
The 26-year old is a former gymnast for Russia but is now a politician.

MicBandits vs Canterbury Boyz

First off, I'd like to greet a belated congratulations to MicBandits especially Zed and Khaos for the splendid music video. Wish you the best in all of your future endeavours and hopefully you'll trailblaze now that you guys are legit and contracted with Kartel Records.

On the other hand, wassup Canterbury boys! I see you guys have taken the jokes and humor to an all new level with spoofing the music video. It's nice to see some form of alternate entertainment without going personal about it.

That's my short entry for the day. Will be back if I have something to dump from the back of my mind.



P.S. Liga Bumiputera have won the Most Disciplined Team award at the 2009 LBC Cup. Will upload the photo once I have possession of it.