Kevin Brueck's Take on Brunei

So. Not. Cool. Please fastforward to the 1:36 mark

No Kevin Brueck, you're an ass. First of all, it is within his rights to spend his money as he see fit. Justifying the stereotype that most Americans (not all, as I know some cool ones) are idiots, not only you have failed to locate Brunei on the world map (it's on Borneo island in the Southeast Asian region, not the Middle East dumbass) but you also have imposed and abused your freedom of speech by ridiculing a state leader.

Please don't make it a personal affair the next time you have the need to criticise others for how they are living their lives... and we hate unprofessionalism by the way. Asshole.

Update! Well, well, out of possible 50-100+ replies of outrage on the video, Kevin took a lil bit of his time and hit me back personally,

"@aribbaandalay Actually freedom of speech means you CAN say whatever you want about a state leader. That's arguably the best thing about it. I have the freedom to say Barak Obama is an idiot and not have to worry about police or FBI coming to my house to take me away. And I know that Brunei is in Southeast Asia, thanks for the geography lesson poindexter."

Haha, I'm honoured. And no, I won't bother engaging myself in a verbal war. Why anyway? I've said what I needed to say. Oh and aribbaandalay is my Youtube username... Yes, I'm a Speedy Gonzalez catchphrase on the Internet.