Marge Simpson on Playboy: Cool or Creepy?

Marge Simpson Playboy pictures? Yes, Marge Simpson Playboy pictures are becoming a hot topic on the internet after it was revealed that Marge Simpson would be on the cover of Playboy Magazine. First The Simpsons conquered theaters with a feature film, and now they are seeking to make a mark on men's entertainment magazines as well it seems. Now we will see if a Marge Simpson themes issue of Playboy Magazine is something that sells a ton of issues, or if it just becomes a collectible that people file away in a drawer somewhere.

This isn't the first time that a Simpson's character has appeared on the cover of a national magazine, but the appearance of Marge Simpson in Playboy could definitely go down as the most memorable. As can be seen from the Marge Simpson Playboy cover photo here, she appears in the nude, but is hidden in just the right places by a chair in the shape of the Playboy bunny logo.

At least that is one positive way to look at this issue, as it is intended to be a family cartoon, but the envelope is really being “pressed” with this issue of Playboy Magazine.

Inside the magazine are images of Marge Simpson in cartoon lingerie, so there aren't really nude photographs, and maybe that will keep less people from being upset at this idea. It does seem strange that a cartoon character could generate so much attention, and that the thought of Marge Simpson in Playboy Magazine could stir up so much interest on the internet. Now Marge Simpson and the show itself is receiving a lot of publicity from this magazine spread, and it will be quite interesting to gauge whether it turns into a positive for The Simpsons, or if working with Playboy turns out to be a mistake.

The reason that this pictorial is taking place is to celebrate the 20th season of The Simpsons being on television, but is a spread in Playboy Magazine going too far? Or is this just another innovative attempt at humor by a show that has proven it can stand the test of time?