Fantasy Match-up: FBA-Brunei All Stars vs Brunei Barracudas

I was wondering if the Filipino Basketball Association in Brunei will ever get their act together and field this line-up in a tune-up match against the Brunei Barracudas, how would the game turn out?

At this time, the Barracudas are 2-0 against Linktech (which was supposedly to be upgraded with major talent but whatever). The names are listed with their respective last team played in brackets.

C - Efren Espiritu (NBT)
C - Alvin Requintin (Palm Cafe)
F - Rio Oblido (Ilonggo Stingers)
F - Gerald Ybanez (Chop Eng Seng Keo)
F - Sonny Bautista (Palm Cafe)
F - Erwin Velez (White Heaven)
F - Cesar Asaldo (Ilonggo Stingers)
G - Geve Leones (NBT)
G - Jap Paraiso (NBT)
G - Marjomar Aying (NBT)
G - Don Dadis Mordeno (Babes Boutique)
G - Vincent Superio (Beaver Engineering)
IR - Mark Del Mundo (Babes Boutique)
IR - Reggie Malinao (Ilonggo Stingers)
IR - Ronnel Sugnan (Babes Boutique)
IR - Roldan Binas (Babes Boutique)

Tell me what do you think? Or who did I miss out on? Either way, I'm just curious since I like fantasy basketball.