The End of Tyler Tyfixman's House of Heroes in Loughborough

From the House of Heroes (a comic book store in Loughborough) forum:

"I wanted to let everyone know that I am leaving House of Heroes as of Sept. When I say leaving I mean that I will no longer be employed full time. I will never fully leave, the community, or the forums.

I started the shop 3 years ago and didn't have a clue what I was starting. I never owned a shop before, but I had a dream to offer Loughborough a comic book shop and game shop that was different to Games Workshop. I have to say there was a huge learning curve for me, but thanks to you guys we made it. I am so thankful to you the customers, the community, and my friends for making the dream a reality. You all have given me so much over the 3 years, that I can never repay you. Just to meet you all and to be a part of you lives has been a blessing for me.

Why am I leaving? Well, to be honest I found myself at a year and a half in the business and found myself asking "do I want to be doing this in 5 years time". The honest answer was no. Not because I didn't enjoy it, it was just I felt I wanted to become a teacher more. Through the shop I found out a lot of things about myself that I didn't know, and one of them was, that I am not a great businessman. I enjoyed being my own boss, but turning 60p into a £1 was not my strength. One thing I also learnt was that I really enjoyed being around young people and interacting with them. I started a youth group at my church at the time and found that I loved teaching in that setting. I started to talk to the young people in the shop and found that they had some really bad experiences with RE in school, and I thought this might be something that I could do better. This was the start of the new dream of becoming a RE teacher. Some of you have been along for the whole journey and I thank you for all of the hours of my talking and crazy rambling.

So what happens to the shop? I am looking to sell the shop. I have set the price of the shop very low. Low enough for me to close the books for the shop and allow somebody to take the dream of the shop to the next level. I really believe the shop needs to grow into a shop that allows gaming within the shop, with lots of gaming tables, and loads of different tournaments going on. What we have done on Friday nights at the church has been wonderful and another huge thank you to all of the community who have made the Friday Night Game Night enjoyable and successful. I see House of Heroes growing into a fun gaming store that has a great selection of comics, games, and geek toys. I see it becoming bigger and better than what I did. I want to see the shop not only survive but take the next step as it grows bigger and better. There are many things I would do differently and I would be nice to see, the dream of the shop live on. I have one crazy person who I have been working with to hand the shop over to, but nothing has been finalized yet. I'll let you know when it is a definite deal.

So as of Sept. 1st I will be working for a local school as a LSA and I hope to be starting my college course to gain my degree. I will still be around the shop as a consultant, and I hope to be doing some gaming on some nights as well. My hope is that you guys will continue to support the dream of the shop as it changes hands. I know that there might be a few adjustments that will need to be ironed out but I know that the next stage of the shop will be even better than what we have now, as long as we have your support.

In closing I just want to say thanks again for all of your support over the years. We have proved that Loughborough can support a comic and game store. I'm proud of what we have done together and I hope you join me in the dream as it takes the next step."

There are two things I wanna say to you right now, Tyler Fixman:

1. I'm sad that you'll be leaving us, your hardcore supporters and customers. It's been a great three long years getting to know such a friendly guy like you. Remember the time when I first came into your shop and bought 90% of your Heroclix figures? Good times eh? Man, if it wasn't for you and your shop, things would have been less bearable than it was when I was in Uni... Dealing with stupid shit such as condescending attitudes of the locals and being so far away from home.

2. I knew it... I should have emailed as early as possible. I promised you that I will do so the moment I touched down in Brunei, but things took over so fast that I kept putting it off until about half an hour ago. I wrote an email to you but it kept bouncing back, so I remembered the HoH website and tried looking up for your contact details. That's when I saw that you finally sold off the store to Nick Garver. I was actually bummed out that not only the shop I knew had changed management, but also the chance of trying to keep in touch with you. It's just like what happened to my other American friend, Mario Petrie... Damn it. Damn it to hell. I'm sorry bro, I should've emailed you sooner =(

Hope you'll Google yourself one day and find this blog. Miss you bro. Take care and good luck in your future endeavors. Hope to see you in another life.