Michael Jordan Inducted into HOF, Serena Williams Became the New John McEnroe

Michael Jordan has been inducted into the Hall of Fame this past Friday. I say the man deserved it for what he has done to basketball. Sure, people are now more smitten with Kobe Bryant and/or LeBron James' spectacular plays and athleticism, but don't you think who they were inspired to do so from?

Not only he changed the basketball landscape (the baggy shorts, the fiery willpower to carry the team no matter what, the advantage of athleticism in a supposed grounded game and so on and so forth), he also became a pop culture icon with the shoes, the epitome of being the all-time great in a sport and the major driving force of why basketball became global with his inclusion on the first Dream Team at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Hell, even the Slam Dunk anime series was inspired by him. Everybody wanted to be like Mike in those days, and I can tell you those who really know basketball will say Mike's the man to look up especially if you factor out the flair of today's players.

Overall, thanks Mike. For everything. You deserved it.


Anybody saw Serena Williams pulling off a John McEnroe in her controversial loss to Kim Clijsters? Wow. You reckon she'll consider the WWE as a post-tennis gig once she's retired? You tell me. Great body, great temper, great threat.
Oh and she said,

“I swear to God I’m fucking taking this ball and shoving it down your fucking throat…”