Food For Thought: What Is Peace?

It was one of those nights when my uni-inspired insomnia took over my common sense to go to sleep at 1 A.M., thus forcing me to watch a movie just to create a drowsy effect (it helps in a darkened room a'la a cinematic feel). I happened to catch an old anime classic, Patlabor 2: The Movie. Just Google or Wiki the sypnosis or plot, all I can say it's an excellent anime that is intellectually stimulating. Then again I'm a sucker for those, especially how I loved watching Ghost In A Shell. The one scene that stood out for me personally was between Arakawa and Goto, and the former's brutal deconstruction of the term "peace':

What are you, the police officer, and I, the JSDF officer, trying to
defend? It's been half a century since the last war. Neither you nor I
have experienced a war. Peace... Peace is what we are supposed to

But what is the peace of this city, this nation?

The all-out war and the defeat. The US occupation policy. The Cold
War under the nuclear umbrella and the puppet wars. And civil wars
that still go on in many nations of the world. Ethnic clash.
Military conflict. Blood-drenched economical prosperity created
and sustained by those countless wars. That's what's behind our peace.
Peace created by an indiscriminate fear of war. An unjust peace that
is maintained by having the wars elsewhere, but we keep denying
ourselves this truth.

No matter how phony the peace may be, it's our job to defend it.
No matter how unjust it may be, it's better than a just war.

I understand how you hate "just wars". Whoever said that word was
never half decent. History is filled with people who fell from grace
believing in that.

But you know only too well that there isn't much of a difference
between a just war and an unjust peace. Ever since the word "Peace"
became the excuse of the liars, we lost our faith in peace. Just as
war creates peace, peace also creates war. A make-belief peace that's
merely the period between two wars will eventually give way to a real

Have you ever thought about that? While receiving the benefits of war,
they're hiding the truth behind the TV screen. Forgetting that they're
merely at the rear of the battle front. Or rather pretending to forget
about it. Such deceit will be punished sooner or later.

Punished? By whom? God?

In this town, everyone's more or less God. Seeing everything without
being there. To have knowledge of everything without having physical
contact. God does nothing. If God doesn't do it, the people will. We'll
find out if we can't catch him.

Salvaged: Diberitahu Gagal Selepas Dapat Surat Tawaran UBD (2009)

"Hello, we regret to inform you that although you have met the minimum requirements to enter UBD, attended the UBD briefing and been offered the offer letter, we have cancelled and withdrawn the said offer and your place in UBD due to human error. My bad. Have a nice day!"

Diberitahu gagal selepas dapat surat tawaran

Oleh Imelda Farrah Zohre HA

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Khamis - Sebilangan penuntut yang telah menerima surat tawaran untuk melanjutkan pelajaran mereka ke Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) hari ini kecewa yang amat sangat setelah dipanggil semula untuk diberitahu mengenai berita dukacita oleh pihak UBD.
Nurul Hafizah Mohd Othman yang menerima surat tawaran diterima masuk ke UBD bagi sesi pengajian 2009/2010 berasa sangat kecewa setelah dipanggil oleh pihak UBD pagi ini untuk diberitahu yang permohonannya tidak berjaya.
Beliau yang mengharapkan panggilan berkenaan berhubung kait majlis orientasi yang bakal dihadiri pada 26 Julai nanti menjadi sedih apabila mendapat khabar tidak diterima masuk oleh pihak pendaftar UBD.
Bapa kepada pelajar itu, Mohd Othman Mohd Hassan yang menghubungi Media Permata menceritakan kekecewaan anak beliau kerana hanya tinggal "satu langkah sahaja" lagi sebelum meneruskan pengajiannya pada 3 Ogos nanti.
Beliau menjelaskan anaknya yang menerima tawaran belajar dari UBD dan Kementerian Pendidikan melalui sistem HECAS menangis apabila mendapat tahu permohonannya ditolak.
Mohd Othman berkata berita kecewa yang diumumkan oleh Pendaftar UBD itu seolah-olah memperdayakan keluarganya serta beberapa orang lagi yang dipanggil pada pagi itu apabila pihak UBD menjelaskan "berlaku kesilapan manusia" dalam tawaran itu.
Nurul Hafizah serta beberapa pelajar yang dipanggil berjumpa bahagian Pentadbiran UBD sebelum itu bukan sahaja menerima surat tawaran kemasukan malah nama dan nombor kad pengenalan mereka juga tersenarai sebagai bakal mahasiswa UBD.
Menurutnya jika benar-benar beliau tidak layak memasuki UBD, mengapa beliau tidak diberitahu mengenainya lebih awal dan bukannya menyenaraikan nama mereka dalam golongan yang terpilih serta mengikuti taklimat yang berlangsung 6 Julai.
Bagi mewakili pelajar-pelajar yang lain, Nurul Hafizah mengharapkan UBD tidak membuat kesilapan serupa yang bukan hanya mengecewakan mereka tetapi juga ibu bapa mereka yang benar-benar berharap kejayaan anak mereka.
Menurutnya UBD berkata akan cuba memasukkan mereka ke mana-mana institusi pengajian lain namun tidak menjanjikannya.
Mohd Othman juga melahirkan rasa kecewanya kerana beliau sudah mengadakan doa kesyukuran atas tawaran belajar di UBD untuk anaknya itu tetapi hari ini dipanggil oleh UBD untuk memberitahu tawaran itu dibatalkan kerana kesilapan manusia.

Salvaged: Titah Pedas Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia (2009)

Great wake-up call by His Majesty. Daulat Tuanku!

In Memoriam - Michael Jackson (29 August 1958 – 25 June 2009)

I know this is well over late, but he was the man to me no matter what happened throughout his life. I'll let David Spates summed up what I wanna say:

Now for my own two cents to cap the tribute off. Seeing how Mike left us without saying a word, I guess it was his way of saying that he never forgave the world (especially the media) for shaming him. Yes he was flawed, but so are we. Why do we always jump at the first chance to crush a star? I do hope the Arizo and Chandler families are happy with his death.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. The best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever will be. Gone but never forgotten.