Beware of Grass Cutters and Retailers!

Dear friends & colleagues,

We have very important information to share with you all.

Recently, dated 13th April 2009, around 10++ am, our house, at Spg 396-93-140, Kg Jerudong, telah di ceroboh masuk oleh seorang tukang mesin rumput of our neighbour melalui pintu dapur yang ada 3 jenis kunci, tapi dapat di unlocked nya through window nearby. He tried to catch our panicked amah,di bubutnya dari tingkat bawah sampai bilik tingkat atas. Luckily, our amah managed to call for help through the room's window, and he immediately ran away, once our amah shouted for help. We have lodged police report for further action.

Eventhough, Alhamdullillah, our amah and daughter, Mirza, terselamat and was not hurt , however, we really hope that we can catch this guy and legal action taken, to stop him doing this immoral activity:- 1) ceroboh masuk pagar rumah bekunci, 2)ceroboh masuk rumah berkunci 3)cuba kan kacau orang dalam rumah (must have evil intention).

For that, please be very careful with the following description WANTED man:- (who knows?, your current pemesin rumput? - coz this guy still out there in Brunei):

Indian/Bangladesh man (not sure, but for sure BLACK guy)
Age: around 30++
Height: around 5.3 to 5.6 feet
Average body, not fat, not slim - for sure inda buncit perutnya
Hair - sedikit ikal
Ia mesin rumput dengan menggunakan basikal.

So please, if you accidentally meet that suspicious pemesin rumput with bicycle, help us to catch him by contacting the authority.

Please pass this info around to your friends and family. The more people recognised him, the faster we'll be able to catch him.

NB: For Kg. Selayun and surrounding area, if the pemesin rumput name is Alam, though he also uses bicycle to move around, he's not the culprit as we know him and have worked in our area for many years.

Thank you.

Hj Zainie and Hjh Rozaina
Casa Rizq
Kg Jerudong
Damn. I remembered not only seeing one also employed this particular guy over the years. Never did me wrong though. Must be the wrong guy.

Treat this as a shopping tip the next time you're in Singapore, especially at Lucky Plaza:

Hi everybody,

The case happened in LUCKY PLAZA -

304 ORCHAD ROAD #B1 - 87/88

Please don't ever buy things from this store (They sell electronics, specialised in DIGITAL CAMERAS)

I bought a PHILIPS Shaver, they sold to me for S$85. The next thing I know, I saw the same stuff at WATSON, and they sell it for S $39.90!
I have the picture of the seller, you guys can see here:

Once I knew about this, I went back to the store and complained.
I talked to the same sales person that sale the shaver to me and he said, "I'm sorry, we cannot help you, you should have known about this before you pay, because we only do sales".

I asked them to give me a solution about how to handle this Seems the sales person that had sold the shaver to me, didn't want to answer me anything.

So I went to the other sales person. He was serving a customer while I try to talked to him about this (which I wished the guy didn't buy the camera there).

Of course my voice tone became a little bit high, and I banged the stuff on the table glass display and asked for solution. And what he did after this you all never could believe this:

He THREW my shaver out from the store and the thing banged to the wall and dropped on the floor.

Then he said "See there take your stuff, has spoiled already, I don't care".

Then I try to called the police, but when they came the store quickly closed the place. However, the police say they cannot do anything, since all the people from the store has left the store. What I can do is only report to CASE (CONSUMER ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE )tel: 64631811

They cannot do anything, if I want to sue the store I need to hire a lawyer and pay with my own money! So please guys, if any from you has this kind of thing happen to you like getting overcharged or they treat you like shit, you can help the government to report this thing to CASE ( So then when they got enough complaints the CASE can close the place down.

Please read this and help to pass on to help us as a customer to be treated nicer. Hope this thing could never happen to you all.

And one more thing:

Don't ever buy stuff from this particular store at LUCKY PLAZA.
Locals will NEVER go to LUCKY PLAZA to shop for ELECTRONICS. Lucky Plaza is infamous for their hard sell tactics and for RIPPING OFF customers
. Take it as a lesson learnt and next time avoids it at all

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