God versus the Media - Gaza’s War, Reflected

A few weeks ago, the whole world got a bit noisy. It was the most interesting event of the New Year, with fireworks displays that you would not want to attend. 22 days, 1314 casualties including 412 children, 5300 injured, and almost £1 billion worth of damage. If you have never heard of it, stop reading for a minute and use Google.

If you did know about the war, what keywords would pop into your head? Gaza, Israel, Hamas, rockets, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, jihad and terrorism just to name a few. What Idea came along with it? A vast majority would relate this war to religion.

Religion causes conflicts? So which religion tells its followers to go against nonbelievers? You must be a sadist to adhere to a religion if that’s the case. Do you personally know anyone who is religious but hates everyone else?

Some interesting points to be put into perspective. Muslims, Christians and Jews are not enemies – Which holy book said they are? The man who established Zionism, the foundation for the creation of Israel was an atheist – A holy cause? Why would Hamas provoke Israel knowing that they are far inferior in terms of weapons and numbers? There were more than a million Jews living in Arab countries for hundreds of years, before the creation of Israel – Is that even possible if there were such hatred between them? What is this war about actually?

I am not giving answers, but merely asking questions. I am asking you to ask yourself how much have you been indoctrinated by the media. I am asking you to think, and rethink. You deserve to know the truth and by seeking it, you will come to grasp of how man turned the greatest gift of god to humanity into the greatest joke.

Source: God versus the Media - Gaza’s War, Reflected