Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism:
  • Provides feedback that enhances job results
  • Leads to ongoing personal and professional development
  • Reduces stress and creates psychological security
  • Helps improve interpersonal relationships
  • Helps develop the ideal organizational climate
Golden Rules of Giving Criticism:
  • Give criticism in private.
  • Do not sound threatening.
  • Keep the criticism balanced.
  • Focus on the problem, not on the person's personality.
  • Don't overstate the problem by using words such as "always," "never" or "worst."
  • Give criticism soon after the event.
  • Pose questions that let the person do the work for you.
  • Stick to one subject. Don't string together criticisms at one sitting.
  • Don't remind people of previous instances that were resolved.
  • Use the "I" mode.
Golden Rules of Receiving Criticism:
  • Welcome feedback.
  • Listen to the criticism.
  • Maintain eye contact and open body language as you listen.
  • Restate the criticism to make sure you understand it.
  • View the criticism as an attempt to fix a problem, not a personal attack.
  • Focus on possible solutions to each criticism.