In Memoriam - Muneeb Kamal (3 September 1985 - 6 October 2008)

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, this is what happened:

THOMPSON -- A 23-year-old man died when he was ejected from his car along Interstate 70.
Muneeb Kamal, 23, of Glendale, Colo., was driving alone through Grand County near the town of Thompson, which is north of Moab and just west of the Utah-Colorado border.
Kamal was in his 2006 Toyota Avalon when he began to drift off the road's left shoulder, said Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Cameron Roden.
Kamal's car struck a reflector post, then he corrected by swerving back to the right. That caused his car to spin and slide off the road's right side.
The car rolled down an embankment, ejecting Kamal, Roden said. Kamal was not wearing a seatbelt and died at the scene.
Troopers said the accident likely happened overnight Sunday or early Monday morning.
A passer-by spotted the wrecked Toyota around 10 a.m. from an offramp that overlooks the area.
Roden said there were no signs of excessive speed, but the road was wet.


OMG... I didn't know... I'm sorry bro... I really am. I mean, we may not be as tight since we were MSN mates all the way through the end but still, you're one of the finest pimps to grace my friends list. Man... I will miss the wild MSN chats that we had... You really know how to put a smile on this face for someone who's on the other side of the world. Remember the Russian bird you were always dreaming about? God she was fine. Not too sure if I still have her pic, the ones you sent me. Don't worry, I'm not gonna touch her. Doesn't know I exist anyway. Props to you for getting her attention hahaha.

The one thing I'm gonna miss and feel bad since I will never have the chance to pull it off... Was actually gonna get you into trouble with your dad by jokingly tell him that we're suppose to go out drinking and frankly telling him "we're gonna get smash lah uncle!"... OH MAN THAT CRACKED ME UP! Now I'll never know...

I miss you man. MSN mate or not. R.I.P Muneeb Kamal. See you in another life, my brother.

Send your condolences to either his Facebook profile, the mighty Brunei group or the group dedicated to his memories.