Let the (Olympic) Blame Begins!

Anybody looking for a job? You don't have to wait long in the light of the embarassing Olympics debacle.

If anybody haven't heard or seen it by now, we're officially the only country slated to participate in the Olympics to get booted out of the Olympics opening ceremony. Out of 205 National Olympic Committees.

Why you ask?

The Brunei Times quoted that "In mid-July, the Brunei Darussalam Olympic Council (BNOC) issued a Press release stating that it had to wait for approval from the Youth and Sports Department under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as to whether Brunei Darussalam could be represented at the Olympic Games.

"The participation of Yazid and swimmer Maria Grace Koh in the Games was accepted by the International Olympic Council (IOC) under the unqualified athletes quota after they were given the go ahead by the governing bodies of their respective sports Yazid by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Maria by the International Swimming Federation (Fina)."


Borneo Bulletin quoted that "The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports reasoned that the athletes in the women's swimming competition has not attained the requirement achievement within the regional and international level while the male athlete was not fit enough to participate due to an ankle injury sustained during the National Sports Festival.
"Despite the IOC's effort to assist BDNOC in sending the athletes to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports continued to uphold its decision."

Three things:
  1. Didn't the Brunei Darussalam Olympic Council pressure the Ministry into acting quicker knowing the penalty that WILL be imposed on the country should this thing happened?
  2. And what does the Ministry mean "has not attained the requirement achievement"? Didn't I just read that Maria was given the go-ahead by the International Swimming Federation?
  3. Are you kidding me? Did our Ministry overruled three major international sports bodies who actually know their stuff?
At least a billion people realised there is still a Brunei. But now known for its boneheadedness. Not only that, we could be facing sanctions which our country will not be able to compete in SEA Games or any other international events in the future. Or worse, get expelled from the International Olympics Committee.

Don't tell me "how dare them for doing blablabla" - it's this kind of egoistical, batshit attitude that got us in this mess.