Salvaged: I Don't Want To Study In UBD (2008)

Someone told me of an inflammatory comment from a blog, regarding the decision going to UBD should the application for the government scholarship failed. The blog's been deleted (due to peer pressure and possible death threats) and I managed to salvage this classic:



"i really want to continue my study in UK, i really do not want to study in UBD because i have pride and because the damn UBD only provide us limited course. thus the output, jobs are not looking for us but us looking desperately and pathetically looking for jobs in the future. that is why i don't want to be in UBD.nowadays, government and even private sectors look for oversea graduates because overseas have a lot of courses which could help Brunei's economy and status. UBD? akhir akhir jadi teacher saja. buang masa and i really don't want to be a face went ugly and red when i went to UBD to buy the damn forms. i really don't want to be in it. but my mum said we just have to fill it in case, IN CASE, i don't have a scholarship. yes i am applying for scholarship. my course? communication or law or social psychology. AMIN tah aku dapat scholarship. malu banar ku belajar di ubd ah. MALU.lau aku inda dapat, rasa kan bunuh diri wah"

" i didn't realise a LOT of people were reading my blog ecspecially the one on UBD. hahahaha. well sorry about that people. sorry for being really HONEST which offended some proud UBD'ians. its my choice: i want to study in UK, because i want to take a course in Psychology. and i want to learn how to live independently from my family. do UBD have that kind of course? if so, please tell me because i am to lazy to read the forms. and usually from what i always hear, the graduates are mostly teachers and some just..well..don't want to say about it, karang makin parah ati ah. well that's from what i heard and observe, maybe da jua yang dapat kaja bagus bah. mana ku tahu jua. but then i am still afraid that i might end up as a teacher. because i don't want to be a teacher because i don't know how to teach people. HONESTLY, that's why i choose a course in Psychology, hoping to help the Health Industry in Brunei. even if you study in UBD, UNISSA or abroad, you still contribute something to Brunei's economy or whatever. get it. i don't diss brunei but its people. some of its people who are sometimes ignorant, okay. get it?

“and i know the UNI life is not easy: duuh sama jua kali ah, UBD or UK, everyone work their butt of. jadinya urang belajar UK atu relax saja, guyang kaki, shopping in H&M? hahaha. open-minded bah. inda payah think inside the box.and oh yeah, "confident kau kan dapat scholarship?" ah. well au aku confident. lau aku inda dapat, well i have other ways. or aku bunuh diri saja. hahahahaha.and lastly, since kamu tuduh aku hina negara sal inda mau masuk UBD ah. urang laen yang belajar abroad atu inda kamu marahi?? aku tah pulang yang kana. ops, i sound like a whiny child here. hahaha. antah kamu eyh, tau marah marah. cubatah bagi support or whatever, UBD or UK's Unis sama jua wah. everyone's working hard to improve Brunei. inda payah kan ucap ucap among each other ane. sorry about my last post, i have no intention to delete it cause it's my idea and perspective. sorry, for not choosing UBD, well, its my choice and you can't change it. i have a dream."


I'm no Siskel & Ebert, but I know the fine line between "inda censor mulut atu" and constructive criticism. Unlike most Bruneians, I'll give you face because everybody's entitled to their own opinion. But to mercilessly butcher other unknowing students in the process? That's malicious. Have your say, but leave us out of it. Remember, this is Brunei - some of them will become higher-ups one day and will bring this up. That's all I'm gonna say.

Appreciate the honesty though. No bullshit involve. I like that. Then after the torrents of death threats and hollow comments, she was forced to issue a public apology on Dear Brunei:

Assalamualiakum. and hi. i am the one responsible for the blog. i am the author of the blog yang buat kamu ecspecially proud UBDians terasa and sakit hati. sorry about my blog. aku inda sengaja sakiti hati kamu. and yes i have been humiliated udah nie. sampai my name kana taruh ah. and i think urang MD tahu udah who i am. and again, i want to say sorry to all of you. sorry. sorry because i was being so selfish. and i just want to say that i would never hina Brunei Darussalam and her educational institutions. and to prove that i am going to say “SUMPAH DEMI ALLAH” ikhlas dari hati nie. aku inda hina semua atu. aku bersyukur cause Brunei ada banyak institutions such as UBD. and with UBD, produce banyak teachers. and being a teacher is a wonderful task yang di rahmati oleh ALLAH. i am not preaching here but that’s the truth. and you may laugh at it. but unfortunately, i was not meant to be a teacher because i know my weakness. i don’t know how to teach and aku takut aku bagi ajaran yang salah wah. i don’t want our future generation ada salah ajaran. sorry if i am being too dramatic here but that’s also the truth. bukan alasan nie tapi yang banarnya. aku takut sal being a teacher is a huge responsibility. and aku inda hina atu SUMPAH. and the blog was actually meant for me. sorry sampai buat kamu marah. and yes aku naive. and you may continue ucap2 aku. aku terima semua atu cause i made a mistake here. and to the people yang posted my blog, my name, my results, my ae and my school. thanks. bukan nyindir nie but thanks, ikhlas dari hati, sal buat aku realise my selfishness ah. thanks. and again, sorry for the hurtful blog. if you still don’t want to forgive me, i accept that. cause i made a mistake. sorry again.
assalamualaikum. aku banar2 minta maaf sal blog ku atu. aku tau aku buat salah and aku baru jua tau my blog ane kana post rah brudirect. aku banar2 minta maaf. aku nada niat kan hina kamu semua ecspecially ubd’ians. aku inda ada niat kan hina negara ku ane SUMPAH. aku besyukur sal Brunei ane aman and pentingkan kesejahteraan penduduk nya. please, aku tahu aku salah. aku ngakun aku buat salah sal blog ku pai buat urang terasa ah. aku banar2 minta maaf. aku inda sangka one little mistake could turn into this. and aku banar2 rasa guilty. aku banar2 rasa guilty, and aku merayu pada kamu semua. aku bnr2 minta maaf. aku inda mau malukan keluarga ku. au aku baru tepikir sal durang. sorry. aku banar2 minta maaf. aku udah ubah perangai ku nie. aku inda tipu. SUMPAH. sorry
assalamualaikum. thank for your forgiveness. and thank you for understanding me. aku minta maaf sal buat the blog. aku inda sangka buleh sampai macam ane jua. aku inda niat kan hina ubd SUMPAH. aku banar2 nyasal and yes, i’m having a hard time nie. i just don’t want my family to be humiliated. yes aku baru tepikir sal family ku nie. sorry. but the good thing about this incident, i’ve change into a better person. i am not my old bitter self anymore and cuba untuk beribadah masa nie. baru ku sedar kiamat inda jua batah gie. so aku merayu pada kamu semua, aku banar2 minta maaf sal blog aku. aku banar2 rsa besalah. aku malu sal baju ku bida masa ambil borang ah, makin tah ku kusut pastu urg yg ku kenal lawa2 jua baju durang. sorry ah, i was being too selfish.
and i know Brunei ane aman. and aku bersyukur, ALHAMDULILLAH, Brunei pentingkan kesejahteraan penduduk nya. but lama udah ku cita2 kan belajar luar negeri ane, aku jeles meliat urang belajar luar ah. i’m the kind of person who wants to do something different and learn something new. i do know luar negeri inda se’aman as Brunei but entah ah, i know its hard for you to understand, the difficult the situation, the happier aku study. sorry sal i am weird. but still if aku inda dapat scholarship, aku study di ubd. already chose my course.
and thanks again for understanding me. sorry about my blog which caused an uproar among UBD’ians. sorry ah. aku banar2 menyasal.
Source : HYS