In Memoriam - Catherine anak Emban (11 November 1933 - 12 February 2008)

This is a letter to my grandmother, whom I shall miss dearly and miss even more knowing I was not by her side in her final days...

Dear Nenek Mak,

I'll always love you no matter what. Even though you may have given me tough love, I'll still cherish the memories growing up under your tutelage. Words can't describe how I feel now... Never will...

Rest in peace Catherine anak Emban (11.11.1933 - 12.2.2008).

First my grandfather. Now my grandmother. I have to be strong for my younger sister and brother. I'll get the degree... I promise.

But... It hurts man... Damn it hurts... I'll be back Nenek.

Love from your loving cucu,